How far can you reach by creating beauty? How much can you change to give another person a twinkle of happiness in their eye when they see their own reflection? Make your actions free from any boundaries…

In OVAs, we reach for more and discover solutions where no one has gone before... Take a look into our world, going far beyond what is known and repetitive. The formulas of OVA Flash products for removing and brightening permanent makeup are contemporary molecular alchemy supported by a wealth of knowledge and experience - the result of many years of work by biochemists and practicing artists.

OVA Flash is a system of three special formulas of removers, osmosis and neutralizer with a diverse composition of active ingredients, precisely defined procedures provided by experienced trainers during stationary and online workshops, enabling us to offer our clients maximum professionalism and effects that exceed the wildest expectations.

Acid remover

OXIDE remover

Hybrid remover




Szkolenie ONLINE – Flash removal system


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