Pen for preliminary drawing

11.46 net

The pen was created to maximize the comfort of the artist’s work. Depending on the pigmentation area, the pens come in three colors: pink and red, perfect for lip makeup, and black, which artists eagerly use when applying eyebrow and eyelid makeup.



Exceptional precision of the created line is ensured by a 0.5 mm ball that facilitates the flow of ink. The pigment composition has been developed so that the lines on the one hand remain durable on the skin and on the other hand are easy to wash with water. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the line will not smudge due to intensive work, but it can also be easily removed when the need arises, e.g. with an OVA brush.

The 100% safe pen ink can be pigmented without the risk of reaction with the skin or the dye used for permanent makeup, and it does not penetrate the skin.

For an even more lasting effect, we recommend fixing the sketch with OVA's initial drawing powder.



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